everyoneYoga For Charity - September

Our charity organization for the month of September was the Prekindergarten Program, formerly known as More at Four.

The great news is that teachers finally received a pay raise though not without sacrifices. For our veteran teachers, it appears that they may have been adversely affected rather than compensated. NC educators continue to struggle in the classroom. The expectations set forth for teachers are academic excellence but face classrooms with high student body count and little to no money for instructional supplies, including textbooks. During the month of August, everyoneYoga conducted a school supply drive to assist area elementary schools with supplies that can be used to help children in need of assistance. 

The supplies needed for children at this level are more consumables such as play-do, large crayons, construction paper, glue, tissue and antibacterial wipes. All monetary donations will be used to purchase items needed in Pre-K classrooms.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated to the karma basket or attended the everyoneYoga for Charity class held each Saturday at 9:30AM.