Off the Mat

Mountain Pose
  • Stand with the feet parallel, inner edges of the big toes touch and heels slightly apart.
  • Engage the thigh muscles without locking the knees.
  • Keep the chin parallel to the floor while maintaining length throughout the neck.
  • Broaden the shoulders while relaxing away from the ears. This creates the feeling of space to the neck.
  • This is the basic standing pose where one stands tall and firms as a mountain.
The importance of a firm foundation.  All yoga poses require a firm foundation for stability and proper alignment.  The foundation varies for each pose.  The feet are the foundation for all standing poses.  Poses such as plank, upward facing dog and downward facing dog require a  foundation from both hands and feet.    The shoulders or hands serve as the foundation for inverted poses, such as shoulder stand.  

The body is amazing and complex.  The skeletal, muscular and nervous system work collectively.  Every action in your movements will have a reaction from each of these systems.  Take time to explore the foundation for each pose.   If the foundation is stable, so will your pose.  If the foundation is unstable, not only will your pose reflect it, the body will compensate for the instability.  The question is, will this create a helpful pattern or possibly lead to injury or imbalance?   
Gentle Yoga

Stronger mind  Stronger body

What is Gentle Yoga?