Vinyasa Teacher Training

everyoneYoga and Open Studio are partnering to provide a 200-Hour teacher training program in Hickory.  Open Studio is a Yoga Alliance Certified School. We all learn from each other in this beautiful, diverse experience as we deepen the individual practice, gain new tools for teaching, and recommit to the wonder that yoga brings to our daily lives. 

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Open Studio’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is a fully comprehensive, life transforming experience for those who want to teach or simply take their practice to a deeper more profound level. Lead by E-RYT Sheryl Light, and Thomas Slattery, both coaches and instructors with a combined three decades of Yoga teaching experience between them, as well as vast mindfulness and meditation training. We are grounded in the principal that our trainees conclude the program with the ability to proficiently and joyously lead a class of their very own. The goal of this training is for every graduating yogi to connect with a profound knowledge and reverence for yogic history and its philosophy, and a deep awareness and gratitude for their own individual divine beauty.

Open Studio’s 200-Hour Teacher Training meets the requirements to certify its graduates as Registered Yoga Teachers at the 200-hour level (RYT 200) through Yoga Alliance.

 In this training students will learn:

·       Technique

·       Sanskrit and English names, benefits, contraindications, and proper alignment for over 100 yoga asanas (poses)

·       Pranayama (breath exercises)

·       Vinyasas (sequences of breath and movement)

·       Kriyas (cleansing techniques)

·       Mantra/chanting

·       Meditation

·       Teaching Methodology

·       Principles of demonstration, observation, instruction, and assisting/correcting

·       Anatomy/Physiology

·       Western anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga

·       Eastern energy anatomy and physiology (chakra/nadi system)

·       Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle

·       History of yoga

·       Ethics for a yoga teacher

·       Yoga Sutras

·       Art of Yoga

·       Music

·       Sequencing

·       Setting themes and intentions

·       Business of Yoga

·       Resumes and applying for a job

·       Promoting yourself (website, business cards, flyers)

·       Practicum

·       Designing and teaching your own classes

·       Observing other classes and giving feedback

To view our curriculum please visit and search Open Studio NC.

Further Certification and Yoga Alliance Registration
Students who complete the course successfully will receive certification of graduation from Open Studio.


Friday, February 1st - 4-8pm, Saturday,February 2nd, 9am-5pm, Sunday, February 3rd, 9am-4pm
Friday, March 1st - 4-8pm, Saturday, March 2nd, 9am-5pm, Sunday, March 3rd, 9am-4pm
Friday, April 5th - 4-8pm, Saturday, April 6th, 9am-5pm, Sunday, April7th, 9am-4pm
Friday, May 3rd - 4-8pm, Saturday, May 4th, 9am-5pm, Sunday, May 5th, 9am-4pm
Friday, June 7th - 4-8pm, Saturday, June 8th, 9am-5pm, Sunday, June 9th, 9am-4pm
Friday, July 12th - 4-8pm, Saturday, July 13th, 9am-5pm, Sunday, July 14th, 9am-4pm (Graduation Weekend)  I, Bonnie Berry, the owner of everyoneYoga, host a celebration dinner at my house on the Saturday evening before graduation Sunday.

200-Hour = $2,500 ($500 deposit required with application). Payment plans available.  Tuition must be paid in full by the first weekend to receive the manual.

To learn more about Sheryl Light, click here
You can download the application.